Grosse Pointe Paver Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Grosse Pointe Paver Maintenance Services


PMS just finished up another brick paver restoration project in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. A beautiful view right off Lake Shore Drive, overlooking Lake Saint Clair. All the hard surfaces at this Grosse Pointe home are pavers and all the pavers needed to be chemically stripped to remove all the excess sealer. When the client bought the home they realized there was an issue. They had budgeted to replace all the brick pavers at the guidance of some paver contractors prior to contacting PMS. After meeting with our representative, the client hired us to initially work on the patios first to see how well they would turn out. The patios were only 1200 sq feet of the total 8500 sq feet of the paver project. This would be a very large monetary commitment to remove all 8500 ft.² of pavers of the existing sealer. So, the patios were a good starting point to see if we would meet the client’s expectations.

Grosse Pointe Pavaer Maintenance and Repair Process

PMS spent the entire day covering all the windows and the house itself because all the brick on the house was painted. We advised the client some paint touch-ups may be needed due to the amount of pressure we had to use on the bricks close up to their home. PMS covered all the plants, wood deck, and all other treated surfaces. The next day PMS applied its special sealer peeler chemical in 5 by 5 sections to draw the old faded coating to the surface. We then used 2 pressure cleaners at 4500 psi with our rotating nozzles to remove the existing sand and sand joints. One tech kept the washers equipped and removed the sludge into buckets. The process takes approximately 15 minutes for the chemical to bring the existing sealer to the surface. It’s very important that the product be applied very liberally.   If it doesn’t come off completely the failed acrylic will eventually bleed through the new coating.

Next, we applied our dry kiln and screened sand. The screened sand is packaged specifically for PMS in paper bags to make sure the bag is completely dry and not trapping in moisture. We applied our 100% pure acrylic satin semi-gloss product type P, our most popular product. The new homeowners could not believe that their existing patio could look this good, especially since all the other companies said it would just be too expensive to fix and replace it their brick pavers.

Grosse Pointe Paver Maintenance and Repair

We’re very excited that our Grosse Pointe client gave us the opportunity to provide paver maintenance and repiar services to them. We will be doing the rest of the project in Spring. The clients are very happy their patio could be restored, saving them tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L. of Grosse Pointe, Michigan for your business and your continued support making PMS #1 in brick paver restoration in Michigan!

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