Brick Paver Repairs

Because we aren’t able to tell exactly how the original installation was done, brick paver repairs can be tricky. If the installation was not done properly, it may make for a complicated repair. Luckily, our representatives, foreman, and supervisors are some of the best in the business. The team here at PMS has had decades of experience ripping out and repairing all different kinds of brick paver projects. We are constantly building our knowledge base by using each and every repair we look at as a learning opportunity to see what could have been done differently.


PMS strongly advises that all decision making parties be present for a repair estimate. This way, clear expectations can be set by the homeowner, which will help the sales representatives provide an estimate that meets the client’s needs. Please be aware, many problems visible to the naked eye are not the primary problem with the project. Our experience allows us to pinpoint trouble areas quickly and efficiently in order to give you different options to remedy them. Whether the problem is minor, major or somewhere in between, PMS wants you to be fully equipped to make a well informed decision with confidence. Not only do we want to exceed your expectations, we want you to feel completely comfortable about whatever resolution you decide on, if any at all.

When it comes to the different types of repairs, we can do anything from strictly cosmetic fixes all the way to complete overhauls. In some cases we can utilize your existing material in order to save on cost. Other cases we can give your old project a whole new look with nothing more than a new border.