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Brick Paver Maintenance

PMS Diversified Construction Services, LLC provides brick paver repair & maintenance in Macomb County, Oakland County and throughout the Metro Detroit area.



Paver Repair


PMS Diversified Construction Services strives to maintain a strong foundation based on fair and truthful business practices. Our decades of experience, professional staff, as well as quality products and services are the core elements of what makes this company great.

PMS has worked tirelessly to build its business on honesty and fairness. When a new client comes to us, we don’t treat it like a one-time interaction, but the beginning of a great relationship. We believe that demonstrating both fairness and honesty helps us nurture this relationship with our clients. Our staff is a key component in this and is always there to assist clients, for any reason, at any stage of a project.

With the proper foundation set and the proper people in place, we are able to provide our clients with the best products and services in the industry. From our premium sealers, removers and cleaners to our Fendt and Oaks paving and wall products, we know our clients will not be disappointed. Not only do we provide the best, but we also team up with companies who are always striving to improve their existing products while following the latest trends of the industry.

Here at PMS, we understand how every little detail affects the big picture. This attention to detail will keep us the leading brick paver company when it comes to anything from morals to staff to products.