Clinton Township Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Clinton Township Paver Maintenance Services


PMS is here in Clinton Township, Michigan and just finishing up a pool restoration and minor fixing of clay pavers for our friend at Rock Solid Exteriors. The owner, Levi Moore purchased an older home on Santa Barbara Rd, and sold his old home in Rivergate. The old clay paver pool deck was overgrown and the house was vacant for almost 15 years. We actually couldn’t even see the walk that led to the pool due to the amount of grass grown over the top.  Levi had to allocate most of his money for the inside of his house in Clinton Township. He wanted to just make the pool area cleaned up, trip-free, and usable.  He plans to replace it in the next few years. This was the dirtiest job that PMS has done in nearly 2 decades.

Clinton Township Maintenance and Repair Process

First, we came in with shovels and hatchets to chop the weeds, some of which were over 6 feet tall. Next, we used a pressure cleaner with a zero tip to water-cut the weeds and scooped the sludge into 5 gallon buckets. We threw the trash in the dumpster that was already there. It took a full day just removing weeds around the pool and cleaning the walk to the pool.

The following day our affiliates from spent the day cutting out tree roots and leveling the brick pavers  to the concrete and pool coping. This was only a temporary fix and didn’t correct the pitch or all the cracked stones.

Lastly, we came back to sweep the pool with loose 2ns angular sand. We didn’t want to spend the money on polymeric sand since it wasn’t level and was going to be ripped out and replaced in a few years.

For a temporary fix it was very cost effective and should give his kids a safe place to swim for the next few years. The following weekend we received a bunch of pictures of the kids enjoying the pool and he tagged us on Facebook. Mrs. Moore was thrilled with the results, as she thought she would have to take on this project herself. That would have taken months without the proper equipment.

Clinton Township Maintenance and Repair

Thank you Levi Moore, and Rock Solid Exteriors for putting your trust in us and for all the recommendations to your clients. Thank you Clinton Township for making PMS #1 in hardscape restoration in Michigan. See you in a few years to build you a whole new pool deck!!!