Macomb Township Paver Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Macomb Township Paver Maintenance and Repair


PMS was recently in Macomb Township, Michigan with our client who requested a few quotes from other brick paver repair companies. After reviewing all the paver repair quotes they received, they chose the original paver maintenance specialists. We had provided several paver repair quotes in the past but was not awarded the project . The front and back walkways, along with the two-tier patio and driveway ribbons, were all quoted. Our Macomb Township paver repair client hired us to do some minor repairs on the brick paver walkways and rebuilding the paver step to the door wall.

Macomb Township Maintenance and Repair Process

The paver maintenance team pressure cleaned all the pavers with a commercial pressure cleaner.  They used a rotating nozzle to remove all the moss, dirt, and debris along the retaining wall around the patio. Two days later, due to some rain delays, PMS returned to sweep all the paving joints with with our special dry kiln and screen sand to the beveled edge of the paver joints.

We then began applying our platinum paver sealer since the client wanted more sheen to their brick pavers. At PMS we always recommend rolling our product to push it into the joints for maximum penetration and protection of the pavers and paving joints. The initial cost may be a little more, since rolling takes much longer than spraying on the sealer. The key with our paver sealer application is the use of a rough surface roller.  It’s important that the roller remains wet while applying the sealer very liberally so you don’t roll and pick up sand, sealing it on top of the pavers. We sealed the pavers and made the project really stand out. PMS does not recommend sealing retaining walls due to the PSI which is water retention being much less dense than the paving stones making it hold water. We leave paver retaining walls and caps untreated and natural.

Macomb Township Paver Maintenance and Repair

Our Macomb Township paver repair client is set for the next 5 to 7 years before they’ll need to seal it again. Thank you to our clients in Macomb Township for trusting PMS, the original “Paver Maintenance Specialists“.  To receive a free quote on paver maintenance and repair in Macomb Township or across Metro Detroit, contact us today.