Dearborn Paver Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Dearborn Paver Maintenance Services


PMS just made another happy client in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn has become very popular over the last 7 years for brick paver projects.  Word of mouth is definitely getting around in this tightly knit community that we do it right; we back it up; and we’re honest about whether the brick paver surface can be fixed. We are cleaning, sanding, and sealing brick pavers for one of our first clients in Dearborn. We must be doing things right if they hired us again. Our client called us two years ago to have their brick paver patio and paver walkway pressure cleaned, sanded, and sealed. Their brick paver patio has a lot of shade and is to moss and mold. We advised them to wait two years to have their pavers sealed to avoid a build up.

Dearborn Pavaer Maintenance and Repair Process

PMS came out this year to power wash the old world vintage pavers manufactured by Fendt. We removed all the moss, mold, mildew, dirt, grime, and leaf stains from their brick pavers.  We also pressure cleaned the Pisa 2 retaining wall and caps which were overtaken by moss. There was a 3 day delay as we wanted 2 days of dry weather before sealing the brick pavers due to the temperature and lack of sunlight.

We swept all the pavers with fine-grained dry kiln sand and applied the satin semi gloss sealer type p by roller and paint brush. When sealing, we had to cut around all the retaining wall caps leaving them dry and untreated. The retaining walls are approximately half the density of pavers. That equates for more water absorption along with never really being 100% dry. The retaining walls will almost always fail or blush every time sealer is applied to them and they can become slippery. PMS holds its position on never sealing retaining walls and caps. Even though it would be easier for us to do, it’s not worth the risk. If the homeowner wants to have them sealed they can sign a hold harmless agreement and we will seal them at no additional charge.

Dearborn Paver Maintenance and Repair

The project turned out beautiful and Mr. and Mrs. S. say its even better than the last time. Thank you again for your repeat business, and thank you Dearborn, and Dearborn Heights for trusting in our good name and spreading the word.

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