Brighton Paver Maintenance & Repair Project

Brighton Paver Maintenance & Repair


MS is all the way out in beautiful Brighton, Michigan. This has definitely become a popular city for us over the past 5 years. We love this tight knit community and they love and support small business. Brighton gives you a rural feel with quick city access, and the elevations on many of these homes are stunning.

This particular home has 25 steps from the driveway to the back patio and the patio is 12 feet off the ground.  We built the patio and steps in 2003 for one of our friends at WXYZ TV. This season he hired us to power wash and install polymeric sand. Three years ago we power washed, sanded and sealed and we do this on a several year rotation so it doesn’t get over sealed. The area barely gets sun so moss and mildew grow rapidly and are prone to grow. The reason we rotate poly sand and sealer so that we don’t overseal the project so it doesn’t become slippery and possibly turn white, while still keeping it clean and pristine.

Brighton Maintenance & Repair Process

We power washed all the steps leading down to the patio. We power washed the entire wall around the patio and the coping units. We then power washed all the pavers and the natural limestone steps. We waited three days before we came back so the surface could completely dry.

We then applied the brown polymeric sand to the beveled edge. We use a leaf blower to get the joints as perfect as possible and to remove the excess sand. Then we began wetting the poly sand without washing it on top of the pavers. Since we did the sealer on the last application we didn’t want to get it on top of the pavers.

PMS trained service technicians understand we only have one chance with the poly sand, and if it drys on top of the surface we have to power wash it again and use a slurry remover to bring the surface back to its original state. That’s why at PMS we take our time to make sure we saturate the sand joints without washing it out of the joints on top of the pavers.

Brighton Maintenance & Repair

Its very important to choose a brick paver maintenance and repair company that knows how to do brick paver restoration properly, not just as a filler project. The old adage of “if you think it costs to much wait till you see what it costs to have it fixed properly” comes to mind.

As always, another job well done for Mr. B, thank you for allowing us to be your go to company to keep your back patio and steps looking pristine, and thank you Brighton, Michigan for all the business over the years. See you in 3 years to have it resealed.