A Closer Look at Brick Paver Maintenance

So you’ve recently had a newly built or replaced brick paver feature installed and you want to ensure this beauty will last a long time. The key to upholding the quality of your paver surface is regular maintenance. There are several areas that need attention and upkeep to ensure lasting quality. In this article, we’ll discuss some of keys and steps to maintaining your paver surface.

Give it a Good Wash

Washing away dirt and filth is crucial in protecting a brick paved surface, especially if you want to avoid dirt buildup in the joints. This buildup can produce excess pressure on joints making it more susceptible to spreading out and causing uneven spacing between bricks. However, be careful about allowing excess water to fill in the joints when washing as this can cause deterioration of the sand filler.

Weeds and Unwanted Growth Removal

If the wrong sand is used there is potential for weeds to grow between the seams. Using herbicides is a great way to eliminate this problem, but if you are anti-herbicide there is always the option of pulling weeds and growth out manually. Do note that you have to pull the weeds from the root to prevent new growth.

Look into Various Cleaning Solutions

Keeping the brand new look for your pavers can be difficult, but there are methods that can help. Each property is different so there’s no one size fits all solution. Nonetheless, there are various cleaning products that can be used, even some homemade ones. Cleaning will help maintain that glossy look as well as help tackle and prevent oil and grease spots to keep your brick pavers looking sharp.

Repair or Replace

Sometimes, brick pavers reach the point of no return and will need to be replaced. Whether it be a poor original job or the natural wear and tear of the material, they won’t last forever, especially without being properly maintained. Brick may loosen, crack, and break which can really be an off-putting sight as well as a safety hazard. Replacing brick pavers is a complex process and may require the expertise of a paving professional to ensure the highest quality.

Maintaining a brick paver surface can be hard work, especially with the conditions we often endure here in Michigan. Sometimes, all it takes is a little attention and light care, but for bigger issues, it may require serious craftsmanship. If you are the do-it-yourself type, we recommend you do your research before starting any project to fix and ultimately avoid future problems.

I’m Searching for the Best Paver Maintenance and Repair Company Near Me!

If you’re more of a traditionalist and would like your maintenance done by professionals in the field, or you simply run a tight schedule and don’t have the time, then PMS Brick Pavers can help you out. Check out our portfolio for examples of our paver repairs as well as our many maintenance projects. We value quality above all else, and we love to maintain as well as revamp brick paver surfaces. Give us a call today!