Oakland Township Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Oakland Township Paver Maintenance & Repair


We’re here in Oakland Township, Michigan just finishing up a larger brick paver restoration project. The pool deck, covered porch, walkway, driveway ribbons, courtyard and front porch were all done in brick pavers. Mike Gauthier, President of SaveOn and a good friend of PMS wanted to spruce it up and restore his brick pavers in his sprawling home, over 7500 ft.² of brick pavers.

Oakland Township Maintenance & Repair Process

PMS had two crews on site to prep the project and get it ready for the coating removal process. We covered all the windows, the landscape, the rod iron fences, garage doors, fountains, and wood treated surfaces. We spent one whole day wrapping and protecting surrounding areas.

The following day we started the coating removal process in the backyard. We applied our sealer peeler product in 5 by 5 sections and allowed the product to pull the old sealer to the surface. Next we used our commercial grade pressure cleaners with rotating nozzles to remove the existing resin from the surface. Both the front and back of the property took 2 long days with 2 crews to remove the existing sealer and break the loose sand joints. We used 210 gallons of our sealer peeler and 2500 square feet of plastic sheeting. Normally, we wouldn’t have to remove the old sealer. However, our friend doesn’t want to wait every 7 years to seal his pavers, he wants it done every 3 years. To accommodate Mr. Gauthier’s needs, we rotate every other treatment to remove the excess sealer, so build-up and blushing do not occur.

The following day PMS sent 3 crews out to stage the project with 30 five gallon buckets of our platinum sealer, a higher solid content product that yields a higher gloss. We had the extra crews there so we wouldn’t streak the project due to it drying so fast by keeping the rolled edges wet. If we didn’t have enough people there it would have lines in it as it would dry inconsistently. We finished just before dawn and returned the following morning to put back all the furniture.

Oakland Township Maintenance & Repair

Mike and his wife JoJo loved and thanked Steve Dhondt and PMS for making his Oakland Township property, in his words, “sparkle like a gem”. Thank you Oakland Township for making PMS #1 for brick paver restoration in Michigan.