Troy Paver Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Troy Paver Maintenance and Repair Services


Today we’re in Troy, Michigan just finishing up another brick paver restoration project. PMS has been providing brick paver maintenance in the Troy area since the inception of the company. The majority of our Troy paver maintenance clients are movers and shakers just like us. Most keep their properties in pristine condition and are very busy with work and family functions. They recognize that PMS is an easy and effective way to bring their hardscape surfaces back to life without having to personally manage the projects and the completion as with many of our competitors.

Troy Paver Maintenance and Repair Process

This hardscape restoration is on the back brick paver patio and paver walkway. Our representative went out to quote the project and noticed that the brick paver sidewalk had settled and water was pitched directly toward the house. The brick paver patio structure was in great shape. We let our Troy homeowner know that the paver walkway should be fixed before it was sealed as a low spot tends to hold water after the sealer is applied. The Troy client agreed and hired us to repair the paver walkway to pitch it properly, then to pressure-clean, sand, and seal the elevated paver patio and the walk. PMS’s repair division,, came in to reset the paver walkway so that it pitched away from the house. The maintenance team recognized the coy pond and took extra precautionary methods so as to not disrupt the fish.

We then cleaned the paver walk, brick paver patio, and paver steps made of Unilock’s Brussels and Brussels block wall. The wall had moved slightly over 12 years. Again, we advised the client that with such little movement to wait another 10 to 20 years before addressing the repair of the patio. Our team, the following day, re-sanded the pavers and pluggged some of the holes on the pavers up against the wall gaps. Then they applied our paver sealer P which is our 25% pure acrylic sealer to give the pavers the original look without making them slippery or look fake. This process turns the sand joints into an epoxied joint along with killing any of those ants and unwanted insects below the surface.

Troy Paver Maintenance and Repair

Our Troy client loved her paver patio and brick paver walkway. When she called to make the final payment by credit card, she stated that her experience with our company, from the sales professional to both repair crews and maintenance crews, was top-notch, friendly, and knowledgeable. She stated that she’d be recommending PMS to any friends, family and coworkers.

Thank you again Mrs. K for your high recommendation and thank you Troy paver maintenance residents for always putting your trust in PMS.

If you have a Troy paver maintenance and repair project give us a call today at 1-800-Brick-Pavers.  We provide paver maintenance throughout southeast Michigan to include Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County.