How to Pick a Contractor for Brick Paver Maintenance and Repairs

After you’ve installed a great driveway, a patio or a brick paved deck, good maintenance practices should naturally follow. This is because no matter how strong you think the pavers are or how well you think they have been installed, time takes a toll on everything. Luckily, you can have professionals help out when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

However, you also have to take the right steps in choosing which contractor to work with. You should ask questions and get things sorted out so that you can get the best service. Below are some helpful pointers you can use to guide you in finding the right company to work with.

Years of Experience is Important

Don’t neglect a company’s history. The years of experience they have and their level of expertise is directly related and more is better. The more situations that these professionals come across, the better they are at coming up with solutions. By this time, they’ve learned from their experiences and have used it to improve the quality of their services.

Look at Their Previous Work

Ask for pictures of their previous work. From there you can see how much of a difference their brick paver maintenance and repair services can make. Other than that, it’s always a good idea to ask for references or reviews for the past few jobs. This will help you make sure that they don’t over promise and under deliver.

Call to Get an Estimate

This is a good way to gauge what kind of customer service the contractor provides. After you find a contractor that looks promising, go ahead and give them a call to get a free estimate. This is a good place to initiate contact as it will tell you whether they are organized or not, how accommodating they are and just how professional their team is. Since you will be working hand in hand with these people, it’s important that the company has good customer service.

Be Careful if the Cost Looks Too Good to be True

It is always best to ask for an estimate or a ballpark figure so that you can decide whether it fits the budget or not. Some contractors can just give you a rough estimate by looking at the site while others might email you and get back to you after making more calculations. However, a red flag to watch out for is when the contractor is quick to change his price every time you try to negotiate or take some time to think. If the price sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably best to move on.

Ask for a Contract

Having a contract is important. After you have decided and settled on the contractor you want to work with, make sure you have the important details in writing. This will help ensure that you’re all on the same page and that you agree with the work that needs to be done. If it’s going to be for long-term maintenance, then having a contract is simply good business practice.

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