Outdoor cook stations and bars are becoming a very popular feature for backyard patios and pool areas. Your Michigan backyard is not complete without a great outdoor kitchen or poolside bar. Many people think that the only options they have for constructing these features are stone and poured concrete. However, with the diverse options of brick pavers, you can affordably install a cook station or bar in your backyard.

Durable Option

Brick pavers are a great option for building outdoor features. They are not just for flat surfaces or retaining walls anymore. Brick pavers can be used to create a beautiful and strong foundation for a cook station that may hold a grill, stovetop, oven, or smoker. These heavy appliances require a foundation that is strong, yet also capable of standing up to the high heat of cooking appliances.

Shape Options

Because brick pavers come in a variety of shapes and styles, you don’t have to settle for a plain, simple square bar or cook station in your outdoor living area. If you are wanting something that is more organic, or has rounded corners, brick pavers are a great option. Brick pavers can be installed in rounded shapes, with smooth corners or to match the contours of your pool area. However, if you like the simplicity and clean lines of a square cook space or bar, or if those features match with your existing landscape and home design, brick pavers are perfect for those simple straight lines as well. For more information on designing your outdoor living area, contact a Clawson brick paver from PMS Diversified Construction.

Safe with Water

If you are worried about having a sink in your bar or cook station and whether brick pavers can handle being wiped down with soap and water, worry no more. Brick pavers are a great option for sink areas in your outdoor cook station. They are also great options for a durable work surface. Brick pavers can be sealed, creating a watertight and easy surface to clean for preparing food and setting dishes and glasses. If you make a really big mess, or want to easily clean your cook station after the long Michigan winter, brick pavers can be hosed down and scrubbed, for a quick and easy clean!


If you are trying to match existing pavers or if you want your new cook station or bar to contrast with the color of your home or the hard surfaces around it, brick pavers are a great option for your cook station or bar. Not only do brick pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow you to create a unique and practical outdoor work space, but they also come in a variety of colors. This means that you can easily match an existing patio or the brick on your home. If you want your cook station or bar to stand out from existing structures, you have that option too.

Contact a Clawson Brick Paver for More Information

Brick pavers are a great option if you are ready to turn your backyard into the perfect outdoor living and entertaining space, complete with a kitchen and bar. If you are ready to plan your outdoor kitchen, PMS Diversified Construction is your Clawson brick paver that is ready to help with your hardscape needs. To get started on building your dream backyard, call us at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS.