Canton Paver Maintenance & Repair Project Background

Canton Paver Maintenance & Repair


PMS was recently out in Canton, Michigan finishing up another hardscape restoration. This is an older developed community with large mature trees and very well planned communities. Many people are starting to update their homes and/or add to their existing.

Canton Paver Maintenance & Repair Project Process

This hardscape project is 22 years old with a front porch and step and a small walk leading to a concrete drive. The homeowner had made several attempts to obtain quotes from different hardscape companies, with no success. They saw our television ad on WXYZ, Channel 7 and decided to give us a call to see if we could help.

Our representative came out on time and explained to the client that the porch needed to be rebuilt.  However, the rebuild could be done with most of the existing material. We worked up a quote to pull apart the pisa porch and Olde Greenwich cobble pavers.  Paver Maintenance explained that it should be fixed first before any cleaning or sealer is applied. We were hired to fix the porch and small walk and to power wash, sand, and seal all the pavers.

We had our affiliate sister company,, tear up the porch and the walk and compact the sub-base. We needed some new pisa coping units as some of those were broken. Once the porch step and walk were rebuilt with proper pitch, Paver Maintenance came out to power wash the walls, coping, and pavers to make sure they were free from moss, dirt and debris. We returned the following day and applied our dry kiln sand and sealed all the brick pavers.  We cut around the wall coping with our platinum higher content sealer. We used the platinum sealer due to the pavers not being treated in 22 years.   PMS wanted to restore as much color as possible. The most difficult task we have is when homeowners do nothing to their pavers and they wear due to Michigan’s rough winters and harsh sun. Their prior hardscape contractor told them to never seal it, so they were listening to a professional. We were able to bring it back and make it look near new.  We were able to save him almost 70 percent from new, without the damage of heavy machines on the grass, driveway, and landscape.

Canton Paver Maintenance & Repair Project

The clients loved our communication, prompt service, and detail of the surrounding home. Thank you Mr. Z for hiring us and letting us make you another satisfied customer in Canton, MI. We will see you in 5 to 7 years.  Thank you Canton, Michigan for making PMS #1 for hardscape restoration in Michigan!