brick patios in UticaBrick patios in Utica are a facelift for your yard, and Paver Maintenance Specialists of Detroit would love to be your surgeon. Brick patios add instant charm to almost any outdoor space. Whether you use actual bricks or brick pavers, the result is a neat arrangement of pieces that creates a nice surface for good times spent outdoors with friends and family. But with so many options in front of you in terms of style and design, choosing the right one can be difficult. Some people have a knack for this, while others have to ask for outside help to make the design for them. Whichever category you fall into, having more information to work with is undoubtedly helpful.

To help spark your inspiration, here are a few designs options to choose from for brick patios in Utica:


The jack-on-jack brick pattern is generally best utilized in smaller areas—the pattern can be hard to precisely follow through a larger space. This style is basically just placing the bricks squarely against each other with no overlap. It’s simple, elegant, and the most logical way to put the bricks together.

Half-Basket Weave

The half-basket weave pattern is achieved when two vertical bricks are butted together in a vertical or horizontal placement. A single brick is placed as a buffer between these to give it the “half” of the weave. The half basket is well suited for square or rectangular shaped patios.

Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern is perfectly on trend, and can be found in a variety spaces (on walls, floors, and backsplashes). In a herringbone pattern, bricks are laid at a 90-degree angle against each other while switching directions every other brick to create the zig-zag pattern. A herringbone layout can create a textured appearance, especially if the brick has a weathered or worn look to it.

Circular Pattern

As the name implies, a circular pattern is where bricks are laid in a spherical manner, circling all the way into the middle. This is a challenging pattern to pull off, but if done properly in the right space, it can be spectacular. The center of a circular patio is a clear focal point, especially if you’re lucky enough to get an overhead view. These are great for patios below a raised outdoor deck to allow for this visual perk.


Some of the best patio designs are when brick patterns are creatively blended to create one cohesive design. A nice herringbone can be accentuated with a straight border, a basket weave can look great jived with a jack-on-jack section. These are just a couple of many options available to those with a creative spark.

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